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    The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Adam Carolla’s Settlement with the Podcasting Troll →

    By forcing Personal Audio to prove that it suffered damages, Carolla made it confront the fact that podcasting generates little revenue (for people that claim to have ‘invented’ podcasting, Personal Audio appears not to have understood the industry at all). Carolla is the one of themost successful podcasters in the business. If suing him makes no economic sense, then it makes no sense to sue any podcaster.

    — 3 days ago

    Endless sliders. On a conveyor belt. I may never leave this place.. (at Sliders Station)

    — 3 days ago
    Unfinished Business in Iraq →

    In early 2009, a group of American diplomats in Iraq warned the White House that it ran the risk of creating a dictator. They were largely ignored, and when Maliki won reëlection a year later Obama gave him his full support. In 2011, after the collapse of halfhearted discussions about keeping some U.S. forces in Iraq, the last American soldiers left the country. Just a few months ago, Maliki was feeling so proudly independent that he wrote in an e-mail, “I am the owner of the idea of withdrawing the U.S. troops.”

    — 4 days ago
    Money in the Bank →

    The story of pro wrestling in the twentieth century is the story of American capitalism.

    — 4 days ago
    The fall of the FBI’s most-wanted cybercriminal →

    For the FBI, not even the most technically adept member of Anonymous can stay anonymous forever.

    — 6 days ago
    Vladimir Putin's New Anti-Americanism →

    Ambassador Michael McFaul was there when the promise of democracy came to Russia—and when it began to fade.

    — 6 days ago
    What I Saw in Ferguson →

    Nothing that happened in Ferguson, Missouri, on the fourth night since Michael Brown died at the hands of a police officer there, dispelled the notion that this is a place where law enforcement is capable of gross overreaction.

    — 6 days ago
    This Internet Millionaire Has a New Deal For You →

    Matt Rutledge, the man who invented the deal-a-day concept with, launches his next venture: A Mediocre Corporation.

    — 1 week ago










    you drongos dont understand ok. we go to the servo for fuel, we go to maccas for burgers and we go to the bottle-o for grog.

    Wait, what the hell is grog?


    And they call Burger King “Hungry Jack’s”

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    Meet the Elusive Man Responsible for Today’s Middle East Mayhem →

    Trying to save his own skin and apparently determined to play a role in shaping the postwar future of the Middle-East, Al-Faruqi provided British intelligence with a host of assertions about himself and the Arab tribes under Ottoman suzerainty, which later turned out to be either wild exaggerations or plain lies.

    — 1 week ago
    Nintendo 3DS Doomed The Company to Fail, Not Wii U →

    For years, Nintendo has believed it could reject smartphone and tablet apps, yet still flourish. The reason for this delusion is familiar — it’s the toxic Last Blockbuster Syndrome that doomed the consumer electronics divisions of Motorola in 2004 and Nokia in 2007.

    Often at the start of a massive trend shift in consumer electronics, dominant dinosaurs get one massive hit built on a nearly obsolete paradigm, and that allows them to be lulled into a comfy trip to the grave.

    — 1 week ago
    Brooklyn's Baddest Cop: Louis Scarcella →

    We’ve all heard of cops gone bad, cops on the take. But the tale that’s come out of New York lately is of an entirely different order: Louis Scarcella, a star detective now accused of putting away innocent people, over decades, on false charges, by whatever means necessary—forced confessions, witness tampering, and a total disregard for justice. If he did half the things he’s accused of, then we have a new definition of rogue cop.

    — 1 week ago