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    When Internet Explorer asks to be your default browser.

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    How Bayern Munich Won The World Cup →

    It should go without saying, but winning a World Cup is incredibly hard. A nation needs a long list of things. It needs a gaggle of superstars. It needs a great manager. It needs a stout defense. It needs a roster packed with fit, capable players who can last seven matches in a month against the best competition in the world, competition that only gets stronger as the tournament progresses. And just as important, it needs luck.

    And yet, it wouldn’t be quite right to say that Germany had a lucky World Cup. 

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    Here's The Secret To Germany Becoming The Most Dominant Soccer Team In The World →

    The amazing story of how Germany rebuilt their national team from the ground up, culminating in their 2014 World Cup victory.

    By the 2011-12 season, more than half of all Bundesliga players were part of the German academy system at one time. A full 20% of Bundesliga players came through the youth academies of the clubs they played for. The average age of the league went from 27 years old to 25 years old. In total, there were 5,400 players aged 11 to 22 in professional academies.

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    Sana'a →

    A beautiful account of what it’s like to visit Sana’a. It sounds like a truly magical place:

    Sana’a is so strange and marvelous. If Yemen weren’t in permanent crisis, the city would be awash in archaeologists, one of whom might even settle the question of how long people have lived here. Like Damascus or Jericho, Sana’a has a credible claim to be the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world. But what truly makes this place unique isn’t its age, but its astonishing buildings. Old Sana’a looks like a gingerbread tribute to Manhattan.

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    How Marvel Became the Envy (and Scourge) of Hollywood →

    Ike Perlmutter has become one of the town’s most feared (and frugal) moguls. Now, as “Guardians of the Galaxy” takes the $6 billion-grossing brand in a new and risky direction, insiders open up about the never-seen executive’s ironfisted style and the underside of a superhero empire.

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    Why is Einstein the poster boy for genius? →

    ..Thomas Harvey, the pathologist who performed the autopsy, removed his brain. Family and friends were aghast, but Harvey convinced Einstein’s son Hans Albert to give his reluctant permission after the fact. The eccentric doctor kept the brain in a glass jar of formalin inside a cider box under a cooler, until 1998, when he returned it to Princeton Hospital, and from time to time, he would send little chunks of it to interested scientists.

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    Burger King Is Run by Children →

    A very interesting story about how a new generation of young and aggressive executives are rewriting the rules of the fast-food giant.

    "[32-year-old CEO] Schwartz looks much as he did when he was a student on the dean’s list at Cornell University, all the way back in the Aughts. He had no experience in fast food before going to Burger King; he spent almost a decade on Wall Street after college. And he’s surrounded himself with a similarly eager and fresh-faced inner circle.

    Josh Kobza, the chief financial officer, is 28. He and Schwartz are usually joined on conference calls by Alexandre Macedo, Burger King’s ancient 36-year-old president for North American operations, and Sami Siddiqui, the head of investor relations, who’s 29.

    Only one of the four saw a day of the Seventies.”

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    Iphigenia in Forest Hills: Anatomy of a murder trial →

    This is an incredible account of a murder trial in New York. Who knows whether or not Mazoltuv Borukhova and Mikhail Mallayev were actually guilty of the murder, but this article showcases how an apathetic judge can pervert the course of justice.

    The rumor that the vacation would be in the Caribbean was ascertained to be hard fact. Scaring recalled the judge saying, “This trial is going to be over on March 17th because I’m going to be sipping piña coladas on the beach in St. Martin.”

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    someone who worked at ajax has literally waited 66 years for you to get this

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    That Diner Feeling: How Denny's Became A Weirdly Successful Content Marketer →

    Confession: I’ve never even eaten in a Denny’s, but I could not be a bigger fan of everything they are doing on social media. This article sums up what they’re doing right, and has a link to all of their greatest hits, including things like this:

    I just love how brave and irreverent they are, and I hope it can only inspire more advertisers to stop taking themselves so seriously, and win!

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    Living With Less →

    Two advocates of a minimalist lifestyle discuss what it means to them and how it has changed them as people.

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    Nigeria's Boko Haram 'More Extreme Than Al-Qaida,' Journalist Says →

    This interview with Alex Perry (the person who wrote the Boko Haram cover story for Newsweek) is pretty amazing, and horrifying. Unlike Al Qaeda, he paints Boko Haram as a group of thugs with no real ideology or endgame, just incredibly uneducated people from whom “the killing has become the religion.”

    As I said, a lot of the beheadings and stuff - there’s a very - there’s a ceremonial aspect to this. And this - you know - the killing becomes not a means to an end but actually the end in itself. And that’s what’s so scary about these new groups is that there’s no scholarly mind at work here. There’s no great plan, you know. It’s just an orgy of destruction.

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    Five days after Meredith’s crushing realization/disappointment, I think it’s safe to post this.. (at Springs 15)

    Five days after Meredith’s crushing realization/disappointment, I think it’s safe to post this.. (at Springs 15)

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