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    UAE iPhone fans buying from US Apple Store: Don’t Do It

    Hi everyone,

    here’s all the information I have gathered on buying a T-Mobile “contract-free” iPhone 6 or 6 Plus from the US iTunes Store. My quick answer is DON’T DO IT.

    A few reasons:

    • LTE support: Apple sells their phones in different models and not all support the UAE LTE Bands. You want models A1522 or A1586, but the T-Mobile one seems to be the other one.
    • Contract-free vs unlocked: I just confirmed with US Apple Store online chat that it is not “unlocked” and requires activation and a minimum usage period on the T-Mobile network. They are not clear on the lock-in period, but mixed reports online vary from 40 days to a $100 account payment to your t-mobile.

    If you really want to be first in the UAE, your best option is the UK store. It sells the models that support the UAE bands (A1524/A1586) but says delivery time between Oct. 10-17 on their website.

    Or you can wait for the proper UAE launch on September 27.

    — 6 days ago with 1 note